A Real Business

No Limit Outdoors is a company founded by Dr. Dean R. Yates from Carthage, Texas to promote the outdoor lifestyle and market and distribute the No Limit Feeder.

The First Kind

The No Limit Feeder was developed and patented by Dr. Yates to accommodate powdered feed, but has NO LIMITS to what you can feed from it.

Built For The Deer

The feeder is hard plastic, totally self-contained, no working parts, no batteries, or timers. Deer self feed free choice from the bottom of the feeder with NO LIMITS!

I’ve been using the No Limit Feeder for three years now and have great luck with them. I feed several hundred pounds of rice bran through each one a year. It keeps the rice bran off the ground so l lose less to moisture and the deer get more.

Dane Blount

Logansport, LA

I wanted to thank No Limit Outdoors, Dr. Dean Yates for a great product. We have been using the large feeders in Kansas for several years with great success. The deer come in all calm and relaxed and use the feeders Quickly.

Anthony Templeton

Beckville, TX

Get That Deer You Always Wanted!

Stop wasting money on extremely expensive complex deer feeders that don’t perform. Save money and time by getting a proven deer feeder that is easy to use from No Limit Outdoors.

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